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So I have an actual teenager today. How did that happen? She’s almost as tall as me, wearing braces and the same shoe size as me, and growing out her bangs. She hardly ever lets me take her picture anymore.

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Snow Day

It never gets very cold here. Cold enough for snow but it usually melts the next day. Worse, it sometimes melts as it falls and we’re left with a beautiful layer of slush… So when it snows, you can’t just

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Christmas Decorating

I’ve been trying to get a good picture of our Christmas tree for years. The problem is the clutter that always surrounds it. There’s 4 of us living in a 1000 square foot space. It actually works pretty comfortably but

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Holiday Lights at Bronx Zoo

Most of the holiday markets I love so much are closed this year. It makes sense but it still sucks. It did free up some time to go see the holiday lights at Bronx Zoo though. I’ve always wanted to

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