I Made Them Walk

I usually plan at least one or two special outings for the girls when they have the week off. It’s usually something like a museum followed by some sort of treat from somewhere new to us. I couldn’t find the energy to figure something out this week. Except the girls haven’t been doing much of any sort of physical activity, especially the teenager. So I wanted to take them for a walk in Prospect Park with me. First off, M had to take E to buy new winter boots. She’s grown and her feet are now the same size as mine (except hers are thinner). V has taken E’s old boots and E has been using my boots. So we couldn’t go out in the snow at the same time. M wondered why I couldn’t take her to buy boots…

So anyway, she got her boots on Thursday and I took the girls out on Friday morning. They rolled their eyes and sighed when I pulled out my camera. They always do. Apparently, my picture taking is annoying. Which, whatever.


It’s funny, they never realize how far they’ve walked until they see a landmark they recognize as being far. We make our way to the boat house and that’s fine. That’s not far in their minds.


I keep them walking, just a short loop that will bring us back to the boat house. We’re walking and talking and suddenly, E sees LeFrak Center. She has her skating lessons there and takes the subway to get there so that’s considered far. And then she’s all offended that I made her walk this much! (Not seriously offended. She was doing her whole I hate you schtick with the squeaky voice.)

That’s when my camera’s battery died and I realized I’d forgotten to charge the replacement. And right when there were lots of cute birds! So she got her revenge.


I got them hot chocolate and cookies on the way home so it was almost like one of those outings they love so much…


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