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Spring in the Park

Why is it that squirrels keep stealing the bulbs we planted on the roof when there are plenty in Prospect Park? We’re going to have to do something to protect them. Though one squirrel apparently stashed a different bulb in

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Prospect Park

V had in person school last Monday (she goes every other Monday). After dropping her off, I went for a walk. It’s been such a struggle getting my stuff done. V needs so much supervision when she’s home that I

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Two Shawl Things

So I know I’ve mentioned my huge pile of unblogged projects. I’m trying to get through them again. I wouldn’t usually share them on Monday because I reserve that day for pictures I’ve taken myself. Not the ones my husband

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Sometimes, I take a bunch of pictures but I’m not really happy with any of them. The better ones just end up hanging out in their folder. And then, sometimes, I plan on taking lots of pictures but only get

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