The Tree You Get When Your Cat is Very Curious

E was telling me that our Christmas tree is a little pitiful this year. And well, I guess. This is Jackson’s first Christmas tree (our cat) and he’s a very curious boy. We had no clue how he would react so we left off the delicate ornaments (except for a handful we don’t mind losing). We quickly realized that the bottom 20% of the tree wouldn’t be keeping its ornaments so that’s naked. He hasn’t made the tree fall but a handful of ornaments are already spread around the living room. He knocks them off and then plays with them until we find them in the most unusual places. And I’m still learning how to take good pictures of very weirdly decorated tree. I’m not ecstatic about these pictures but I also didn’t spend a huge amount of time on them. They were taken in two parts. One batch was taken in the evening with the kitchen lights turned down low. Not the best lighting but that little bit of light is better than total darkness even though it messes with the white balance. I also took some yesterday morning right before sunrise. That was better (not too dark and no need for the kitchen light) but didn’t last long enough.

I know this one and the one before look full on blurry but that’s because my lens is wide open (2.8 aperture) so only a very small spot is in focus.
Evening pictures start with this one. The first three were morning and I think you can tell from the color, even after the post process.
I’m amazed this ornament is still hanging. It’s at the end of a low branch that kind of sticks out and Jackson bats at it every chance he gets. But it’s still there…

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