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Spring Rain

Yeah, this title is pretty self explanatory. Spring flowers + rain = me walking through the neighborhood, taking pictures of the droplet covered blooms. Lighting conditions changed a lot while I was walking. Then, during editing, I just kind of

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In Gowanus

I’ve been kind of low on photography inspiration lately. I kinda wanted to get more industrial type pictures and Gowanus is always good for that. Except I wasn’t alone and didn’t want to be that annoying person who just hunts

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Lazy Friday

V had a half day on Friday and a big school project to work on (a big poster about the battle of Antietam). I thought I’d be able to get a few good portraits of her. Except I had a

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I wish I could take my camera with me when I go skiing but I can’t risk falling and breaking it. That’s why I like snowshoeing. Similar scenery but much less danger to my camera. I thought we might not

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