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This picture.  V didn’t want me to do pictures but I convinced her (i.e. promised her iPad time). Only she wouldn’t put on the skirt I’d grabbed to go with the T-shirt and told me to just put it on top

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2015 Review and 2016 Creative Goals

I must be what? The last one to write one of these? I usually take some time to myself on the first day of the year to quiet my mind and think over the past year and make some sort

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She Wants Me to Sew Her What???

Shorts! Souricette 1 wants me to sew her shorts! A little background first.  I’m testing a new Jennuine Design pattern (which is partially why I’ve been quiet).  This one is an adorable dress that I’m making in souricette 2’s size.

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2015 Creative Goals

I know, I know, everyone does these.  But I actually enjoy reading them.  Besides, I’m discovering that they actually are useful.  Before writing this, I went to see what my 2014 goals were and discovered I hadn’t written them down.

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Kids Clothes Week

It’s next week!  I love the theme but, after Project Run & Play, I’m all themed out.  So here was the plan: cape for souricette 2 denim skirt for souricette 1 2 tees for souricette 1 (1 white, 1 navy)

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Back to Work and Some Cool Stuff

Taking a slight break from blogging was… educational.  I realized that I actually want to write.  I’d be excited about something and I’d want to share.  I came this close to blogging a few times. Wanna know what stopped me?  Pictures.

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Here We Go Again!

Kids Clothes Week starts Monday.  Theme: kid art.  Who’s signed up?  Who has a plan?  I sure don’t! Okay, I lied.  I have the start of a plan.  I have this fabric to work with. The girls “made” it.  Souricette

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