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And She’s Five!

And she’s still sunshine but she has kicked my butt this year! (Her father’s too.) There were times when I had no clue how to work with little miss V.  I would try to have chats with her about whatever the

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The last week of school is almost over so I have been running myself ragged trying to get as much done as I can while I have some alone time.  Not helping my case have been the heat and my

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Fashion Revolution Week Meets Earth Day

It’s there in the background all the time but I usually just get caught up in life, you know? Then, Fashion Revolution week comes around.  And so I’ve been thinking about it more this week, helped along by Petit a

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Everything On Hold

See that cute face? She’s been home sick for three days (and today is her day off from preschool).  She got hit by a virus last week and promptly passed it on to her sister and me. I was expecting

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No Pictures

Last weekend, I had this panicky moment when I realized I hadn’t made anything I could share this week.  Life (code word for kids) put a hold on my creative endeavors and what I did manage to make was for

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2015 Review and 2016 Creative Goals

I must be what? The last one to write one of these? I usually take some time to myself on the first day of the year to quiet my mind and think over the past year and make some sort

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Happy Holidays!

On her last day of preschool (the 23rd), V was given candy canes.  The small red and white ones (this is important).  On the 24th, she said how she likes candy canes in a Christmas tree but we don’t have

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