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Fashion Revolution Week Meets Earth Day

It’s there in the background all the time but I usually just get caught up in life, you know? Then, Fashion Revolution week comes around.  And so I’ve been thinking about it more this week, helped along by Petit a

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Did You Know

That it’s Slow Fashion October? (Great blog to follow, by the way.) Yeah, I didn’t either until this week. I’ve since read up on it and I love the concept.  Go.  Read that link.  I’ll wait here… Done? Good! I

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Sustainable Fabric Shopping – Etsy

Wow.  I promised to write this post up over two months ago!  I never realized it had been that long.  To be perfectly honest, it’s a pretty daunting task.  Etsy is huge and there are so many shops!  Added to

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Sustainable Yarn Shopping

Socially conscious yarn.  I knew it would be more difficult than the fabric guide.  I just didn’t realize just how much more difficult it would be!  When I started the research, I was overwhelmed.  I knew I needed to research

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Sustainable Fabric Shopping

I’ve been wanting to compile sources for socially conscious fabric and yarn for a long time but keep procrastinating.  Why?  Because I don’t feel like I know enough and I don’t feel I’ve researched it enough.  But at this point,

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My thoughts.  They are not organized.  Is that what having kids does to you?  I’ve started this post what, 3 times?  More?  I can’t even count anymore.  I feel like I haven’t made anything in months.  My apron is the

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Fashion Responsibility

I’ve been thinking.  Lots of thoughts are jumbled in my brain and you guys will just have to help me sift through them.  Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with ethical concerns and end up stuck right where I am. Status quo

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