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Back to Work and Some Cool Stuff

Taking a slight break from blogging was… educational.  I realized that I actually want to write.  I’d be excited about something and I’d want to share.  I came this close to blogging a few times. Wanna know what stopped me?  Pictures.

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Back to Work. Sort of.

Finally, finally! I’m feeling better.  For the first time in a week, eating isn’t painful.  And I’m taking morning walks with souricette 2 again.  She seems happy to be back in the stroller for now… The problem is that I’ve

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Letting Go

Souricette 1 had Spring break this week.  I know what school breaks mean and I do plan accordingly.  I try to keep it low key. So no visits to NYC.  If I want to bake or craft, I make sure

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Still No Tutorial…

Man, those tutorials are work.  I did get to do the photo shoot but I need to do another one.  I stupidly focused on the girls rather than the skirt.  Well what?  They’re much more interesting!  I need to get

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Getting Back on Track

I’m finally, finally! getting better. And I had work planned this week.  I was supposed to work on a sewing project for the swap.  Apart from cutting the material and fusing the interfacing last weekend? Nothing.  I was also supposed

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Remember last week not being quite right?  Yeah, this week sort of turned it around! Lemon 1 into lemonade: Stinky canvas.  It still smells some.  No one but me is bothered and I don’t intend on hanging it up permanently.

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Yeah, yeah, I’m late for a New Year’s resolution, but there you go.  I didn’t get that extra hour in a day that I requested for Christmas… I like New Year’s resolutions.  If they’re well thought out.  I’ve always liked

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