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Photo Monday – Early Morning Rooftop

I’m one of those people who wake up with the Sun. Even if that means I only got 5 hours of sleep. Sun is up means I’m up. Many mornings, I’ve sat on the couch watching the Sun come up

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Photo Monday – After the Rain

When I saw the rain forecast for yesterday, I thought I’d try to get pictures in the pouring rain. Never mind that I don’t have a decent rain jacket. Or boots. It rained but not that much. Just enough to

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Photo Monday – Snow Day

I woke up to falling snow on Saturday morning. I thought I’d get up early and go take pictures but things happened and I was only able to leave the apartment around 9:30. I headed straight to Prospect Park with

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Photo Monday – Around the Corner

I didn’t go very far this week. We were on an outing yesterday and I brought my camera. I had no idea what I was going to photograph until I remembered some trees I had noticed on our block. So

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Photo Monday – Random

I’ve been having the hardest time getting myself to practice my photography lately. I have a few projects just waiting for pictures so I can share them and I just haven’t been able to. My camera hasn’t been inspiring. The

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Photo Monday – Out With Kids

Weather forecasts are frustrating. We were supposed to get a thunderstorm early Saturday afternoon with sunshine afterwards. I planned on going out after that to get pictures of flowers in that beautiful after thunderstorm light. And then nature refused to

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Photo Monday – Coney Island in the Rain

Was it last Summer or the one before that we went to Coney Island? I think it was last year. It was so unbearably hot but it was the only Summer weekend we had left. There was hardly any waiting

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