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Christmas Decorating

I’ve been trying to get a good picture of our Christmas tree for years. The problem is the clutter that always surrounds it. There’s 4 of us living in a 1000 square foot space. It actually works pretty comfortably but

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Happy Holidays!

On her last day of preschool (the 23rd), V was given candy canes.  The small red and white ones (this is important).  On the 24th, she said how she likes candy canes in a Christmas tree but we don’t have

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Photo Monday – Ornaments

We put our Christmas tree up!  I wanted to get up close with the macro lens but it was darkish already.  I couldn’t get good focus on the branches so I’ll try again some other day.  But I did use

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Photo Monday – Christmas Tree

It seems we jumped into Christmas decorating tree first.  I’ve been wanting the outside lights up for a couple weeks and they still aren’t up.  But we have a tree!  And some broken ornaments thanks to souricette 2… Enjoy our

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Really Winter

Happy New Year!  We are back in the land of the 3 month long November that tries to pass itself off as Winter… The whole mouse family traveled northward to Québec for Christmas.  Off to see the mouse grandparents, aunt,

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Christmas is coming…

I’ve been working so hard all week because I wanted to post a tutorial.  I had this plan for a cabinet cover that would hopefully babyproof the cabinet.  And you know what?  I would have been able to finish it

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