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Another Old One

I’ve made myself exactly two things on my knitting machine.  One was for school.  This one I made before I got pregnant with souricette 2.  Yeah, I’m kind of slow with the sharing thing, huh? Before leaving Montreal, I ordered

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Project Run & Play: Winter Wonderland

When the themes for this season of PRP were announced, I pounced on Winter Wonderland.  I’ve talked about how I miss real Winters before so this theme really spoke to me. It said it wanted me to make a wool

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Out of the Mothballs

I pulled this tank top out last week. I made it in Spring.  Of 2009.  And never wore it.  It was my end of semester assignment for machine knitting class : design an create a tank top for yourself.  And

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Toddler Queen of Hearts – a Costume Tutorial

When my big girl decided she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween (yay! not a princess!), I knew I wanted the baby to coordinate with her.  I need to coordinate them now, while souricette 2 doesn’t have much

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Tooth Mouse Fairy

Or is that tooth fairy mouse?  In any case, that’s who is going to be taking souricette 1’s tooth when it comes out.  No, nothing is really wobbling yet but her dentist said one tooth was starting to get loose

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Top Secret Project Revealed!

I’ve been tired and the souricettes have been needy and nothing has been working quite right.  I had no clue what I was going to write about.  And then, my swap partner got the package I sent her!  That means

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Goodbye Balloons

Notice anything? I’ve decided to switch up how the blog looks.  Ideally, I would splurge on the custom design upgrade and hire someone to design everything but I don’t feel ready for that.  So I’m figuring it out myself.  I’ve

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Back to Work. Sort of.

Finally, finally! I’m feeling better.  For the first time in a week, eating isn’t painful.  And I’m taking morning walks with souricette 2 again.  She seems happy to be back in the stroller for now… The problem is that I’ve

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Sick Days

The two souricettes are sick.  Souricette 2 has unmentionably disgusting stuff in her diaper and has been throwing up after dinner.  Only after dinner.  She’s otherwise happy and eating but I’m constantly worried her diaper will leak all over the

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Dreaming and Planning…

I went for a walk with souricette 2.  I did not forget my camera.  Mr. White Heron was being uncooperative and I still don’t have a good shot of him.  Will try again.  Souricette 2 was feeling under the weather

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