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If you follow me on instagram (which reminds me that I need to get to work on those social media buttons), you know that I made a new hat for souricette 1 on Monday.  It’s the pointy hat pattern like

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Project Run & Play : Signature Style

First things first.  A big shout out to my photoshoot helpers, souricette 1 and Mr. Mouse.  Especially souricette 1.  Souricette 2 wasn’t happy at the start of the photoshoot and souricette 1 worked tirelessly to make her laugh.  And succeeded.

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Cables It Is Then

I started this post before lunch on Thursday.  Souricette 2 was home sick.  I‘m under the weather too.  Exactly when I have tons of work to do for my design for the last week of PRP.  My signature style.  I

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Project Run & Play: Winter Wonderland

When the themes for this season of PRP were announced, I pounced on Winter Wonderland.  I’ve talked about how I miss real Winters before so this theme really spoke to me. It said it wanted me to make a wool

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The Elf Hat

I’ve been wanting to show off this hat forever.  It’s my best design to date.  I created it before I even got pregnant with souricette 2.  I worked really hard on it, made 3 sizes and 4 designs.  And then

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I Do It Dress

Anyone who has a toddler knows how they want to do everything themselves.  And souricette 2 is no exception.  She wants to dress herself, thank you very much.  And she does a decent job but sometimes, her dress is on

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Out of the Mothballs

I pulled this tank top out last week. I made it in Spring.  Of 2009.  And never wore it.  It was my end of semester assignment for machine knitting class : design an create a tank top for yourself.  And

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