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Sunki, Take Two

I thought this one would be quick and easy!  The first flip went so well and I was getting over my fear of knit fabrics.  And poof!  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  Or rather, I forgot to listen

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Accidental 9-in-1

My first Sunki flip! So why 9-in-1, you ask?  And why accidental?  I guess I just have to start from the beginning then… Sunki is a great pattern with some lovely details : the lapped shoulder, front cut outs, and

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Flippity Flip!

I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else would say anything on their own blogs but apparently not.  Well, I’m just not one of the cool kids.  I’ve been happy and bouncy and I’m not going to pretend to be

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Tinny Jacket

So.  Before we left last Friday, I cut out a third Tinny flip.  Just the pattern.  I figured I’d make it but that it wouldn’t be finished in time to share in the link party.  And Monday, I realized I

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Summer Lobster Tinny Romper

Look!  Another Tinny flip! Souricette 2 is following souricette 1’s lead.  I told her we were going to take pictures of her outfit and she went straight to the rocks and posed.  Plus we did this right after her birthday

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Tinny to Alice

There’s a great year-long sewing event going on right now right here.  Each month, a new sewing pattern is “flipped”.  There are three or four contestants on the blog but the rest of us get to participate too if we

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