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Hawk and Yarn

Through all my walks around Prospect Park, all those picture taking expeditions, I always wanted to spot a red tailed hawk. I’ve seen them a few times in and around the park. They aren’t rare. But nope, not a single

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Starry Night Cowl

I have a new toy for my camera: an extension tube. Basically, it shortens your focal distance so you can get closer to your subject. I had these grand plans to play with it this weekend. I thought I’d work

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Three Things

There’s this top I made myself before our trip. There are three tea towels that I dyed almost a month ago. And there’s yarn that I finished spinning a week ago. None of these things felt like it required its

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Finished Yarn

I haven’t been making much of anything lately. I’ve been organizing the family work room (M still says he won’t use it at all but it’s where the computer is so…) My sewing machines aren’t accessible and everything is packed

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Yarny Stuff

I have a knitting project and a sewing project to get pictures of. I seriously love both of them but modeling them… Ugh. But yarn doesn’t need modeling! First up is some handspun. I’ve scoured the interwebs looking for the

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