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Liberty Garden Party

Remember the green top I made for V during PRP? When I looking for a pattern, I happened onto the Oliver + S Garden Party Dress. I’ve always loved that pattern and V loved it as soon as she saw

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Project Run & Play – Signature Style

As the girls have gotten older, I’ve had to let go of my own design ideas and allow them to give me their input. It doesn’t always work (see skinny pull on jeans made in E’s choice of fabric and

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Project Run & Play – Boho Chic

When this theme came out, I thought of a friend of mine who lives in Australia, H. She has a kind and creative soul and I always imagine her with flowers in her hair (I know she doesn’t wear them

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Project Run & Play – Greenery

This week’s theme was just a color. Green. It’s the color of the year or something. My one problem was that I don’t have any green fabric. It isn’t that I don’t like green. It’s just that only very specific

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Project Run&Play – Signature Style

Signature style week and no machine knit fabric from me! I thought about it because making fabric is such a huge part of my style but there was nothing I wanted to make right then.  What I really wanted to

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Project Run & Play – Autumn Palette

This second PRP challenge was another hard one for me!  I love Autumn colors but they don’t love me so I hardly ever buy them.  I only try to keep a smidge of them on hand for contrast.  But I got

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Project Run and Play – Nothing But Knits

It’s baaack!  The first challenge is all about knits.  Perfect to finally dig in to some Birch organic cotton interlock I’ve been holding onto.  V declared it would be for her when she saw it so I decided to make

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