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Beachy Boatneck Sunki

I wasn’t originally planning on flipping this one.  It’s a beautiful, simple, elegant pattern.  I love the Beachy Boatneck.  I’m a huge fan of boatnecks , 3/4 sleeves, and curved hems.  And I love that this pattern has a facing

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KCW: Days 3 & 4

  I’ve been busy! Day 3 doesn’t look like much.  I only finished leggings for souricette 2. Polka dot cotton interlock cotton, from the Sunki pattern. However, I got lots more work in than just the leggings.  I wanted to

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Ready for Kids Clothes Week!

I guess the third time’s the charm, right?  I’ve been wanting to take part in Kids Clothes Week since their last Spring edition.  Spring caught me off guard and I had no time to prepare.  I think I was busy

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Sunki, Take Two

I thought this one would be quick and easy!  The first flip went so well and I was getting over my fear of knit fabrics.  And poof!  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  Or rather, I forgot to listen

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Accidental 9-in-1

My first Sunki flip! So why 9-in-1, you ask?  And why accidental?  I guess I just have to start from the beginning then… Sunki is a great pattern with some lovely details : the lapped shoulder, front cut outs, and

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