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We were away for the holidays like pretty much every year. I brought my camera and my three good lenses. Or so I thought. I always have my camera in my carry on but I didn’t have enough space in

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Photo Monday – Prospect Park

I have a feeling I should say Prospect Park #1.  These were taken on Tuesday when I went for a walk with the girls but we went as a family on Saturday and Sunday too.  I didn’t taken any pictures then

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Photo Monday – Trying my Best

Good news: the souricettes are all better.  Bad news: Mr. Mouse and I feel like death warmed over.  I tried so hard to get it together to take pictures on Sunday but I only have one I like. This one

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Photo Monday – Snow Day!

We had a lovely snowfall on Friday morning.  Souricette 1’s school had a two hour delay.  When I came back from dropping her off, I took some photos.  Souricette 2 was in the mood to play in the snow for

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A Tree of Sorts

That tree I was talking about painting onto the stinky canvas?  I finished it!  It took two days.  but I think it could have been done in just one day.  Acrylic paint dries fast even though I use an additive

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