Christmas is coming…

I’ve been working so hard all week because I wanted to post a tutorial.  I had this plan for a cabinet cover that would hopefully babyproof the cabinet.  And you know what?  I would have been able to finish it Friday and work on the tutorial today but I don’t have the buttons.  And I must have buttons.  I thought of ties but I think they’re too much work to tie and untie each time.  I thought of snaps but I think they’ll be too easy to unsnap and mouseling 2 will be getting into the drawers just as easily as now.  So buttons.  And I ordered them but they won’t be here until next week.  So wait a little and you’ll get a nice little tutorial…

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about Christmas.  I love the idea of making gifts and wrapping them up in pretty homemade packages, especially brown paper.  Like so.

And I love the idea of making tons of homemade cookies, sweets and hot drinks.  And bread.

But then, I take on too much, get stressed out and then I’m disappointed because no one wants to eat my goodies (they’ll have one to humor me) and they just rip the pretty packages open without a second thought.  Sometimes, they don’t even seem happy with what I put so much effort and thought into making.  And yes, I do think about what would make the person happy, not just what I want to make.  So I’ve scaled way back.  I can still think of millions of things I’d like to do but I try to keep it manageable. Try being the key word.  Once I get started, I tend to just keep adding stuff on…

So back to this year…  Emmanuelle likes to leaf through my books.  More notably, she leafed through my Oliver + S book and my Knitted Toys book.  She told me she would like the tutu from the Oliver + S book and the fairy doll from the Knitted Toys book.

That was a couple months ago.  Since then, she hasn’t mentioned the tutu again but she has talked about me making her a doll twice more.  So she will be getting the doll.  And the tutu because I know she’ll love it.

Valérie, my second mouseling, is only 13 months old so she isn’t exactly asking for stuff yet.  We’ll be getting her a doll because she loves her sister’s dolls.  I’ll be making a crochet blanket for the doll.  Just improvising with some leftover yarn I have.  It’ll probably be something like a big granny square like I made for Emmanuelle.  I’ve also noticed that she likes to carry bags around.  She’s constantly taking her sister’s bags and throwing them over her shoulder to take into other rooms.  I’m thinking she’s going to need her own.  I spent at least an hour looking for the right pattern.  I wanted to sew it but still looked at knitting and crochet patterns on Ravelry. Everyone on that site knows how much time you can spend just looking at patterns!  I ended up back with my trusty Oliver + S book and picked a cute messenger bag :

It might still be a bit big for Valérie but she’ll grow into it.  Besides, she doesn’t seem to mind dragging bags more than half her size…  Must buy fabric for it though.  That’s too bad, isn’t it?  That I’ll have to buy fabric.  That I’ll have to buy a home dec fabric in a cute childlike print.  A print that I get to choose because Valérie can’t tell me she wants pink princesses everywhere and that she doesn’t like the purple and grey owls…

And finally, one last project for Mr. Mouse. I don’t make much for him.  I’ve knit him a scarf, a hat, a sweater, and socks.  I’ve shown him more sweater patterns but he never wants anything I would enjoy knitting.  Seriously, why would I spend ages knitting a fine gauge black V-neck sweater?  He can find plenty in stores and they aren’t even expensive.  He would love for me to make him a shirt but that’s more advanced than I’m comfortable with at this point.  Besides, he can get some pretty perfect shirts for not that much money.  However, he only has one pajama pant.  I asked him if he’d like more and he said yes.  So I’m making him these :

They’re from Weekend Sewing. I’ve made myself these pants before.  And I had Mr. Mouse try them on and the size is okay (yes, he’s quite thin).  I may still make one size bigger.  I need him to try them on again to be sure.  I showed him some of my material and of course, he picked my very precious fabric that I’ve been saving for me.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Maybe that means I can get myself another very precious fabric just for me…

5 projects.  To be done by Christmas.  Doable, right?  Even though I have one Halloween costume to make.  And a bunch of blanket squares to knit.  I can do this, right? Right?  No need to sleep, right?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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