Photo Monday – Montserrat and Dali

After one week in Barcelona, we went to Cadaqués for the rest of our trip. On our way to Cadaqués, we stopped by Montserrat. I say we stopped there but it was a serious detour. M wanted to see the

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Working Through Precious Fabric 2

As I was editing these pictures, I realized I look to my left a lot. It isn’t even a “good side” thing. It just happens that way. If there’s sunlight, I turn my face to it as if I was

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Photo Monday – Barcelona Part 3

This is the last of Barcelona and were all taken in what I call the old city, where the streets are winding and you can lose your way in an instant. It’s charming, especially once you start figuring out where

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My Little Seven Year Old

She’s away at horse camp right now, celebrating with her camp friends. I’d be willing to bet she’s the youngest one there. Letting her go was hard. After all, she still needs someone to cuddle her to sleep every night.

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Working Through Precious Fabric 1

I decided last Spring that I was going to use up my special fabrics. The St James ponte from Mood (coming up soon; well, one of them). The Liberty of London that I bought two years ago at Liberty of

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Photo Monday – Barcelona Part 2

I realize I said I would have all my Gaudi and Gaudi-esque pictures today but I didn’t realize just how many of them there were. So it’s only Gaudi today (only!) and even then, I could not get below 30

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Photo Monday – Barcelona Part 1

Photographing our family trips is sooo challenging. On one hand, I want to document our vacation. On the other hand, I want interesting images, not crappy versions of the ones you see in guide books. I mean, who else remembers

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