A Photo Shoot

I had planned on doing a photo shoot featuring my cute sweater back when I posted about it but didn’t get a chance.  My model, i.e. Emmanuelle, wasn’t “available”.  I meant to try again yesterday but the weather wan’t cooperative.  Emmanuelle’s hair would have looked really cool in the wind but it just wasn’t safe.  So we did it today.  I already had a lot of respect for photographers.  I have even more.

I was looking for a nice setting and thought I had one. We have a big rock in our back yard (and our front yard for that matter) and lots of greenery.  And a fence.  Somehow, when looking for a spot to shoot, my eyes don’t see the fence.  They just see the grass, plants, and trees and think that I can make it look like a forrest.  And then I take a picture and I see the fence.  And then there’s the issue with creating pretty picture that still shows off the sweater.  With a model who just stands there and looks at the camera.  I made the choice to have her play with what yesterday left all over the yard and just shoot her constantly.  I filled up the memory card with pictures and then went through them.

We started on the swing because that’s what the model wanted.

See how she’s looking at me?

But then, an intruder showed up…

And she wanted to get on her swing…
So I popped her in it, gave it a good push, and took Emmanuelle to the other side of the yard for some pictures.  I had her play with a branch while I snapped away and she took it upon herself to run around a bit.  I could see she wasn’t quite sure what to do and I think you can tell in some of the pictures.
Then we gave Valérie a bit of attention and a bit of her own photo shoot.
Finally, we went to the front yard.  A huge branch fell from one of the trees yesterday and I thought it would be fun to play with.  I took some photos and then I asked Emmanuelle to direct me until the memory card was full…
I’m actually happy with how the photos turned out!  And I haven’t edited them in any way yet. I’m happy with the color.  It’s very true to life.  I’m happy that I got some that are just filled with movement and some that show the sweater really well.  I’d like to play with the exposure on some of them and with slightly blurring the background on some others…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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