This and That…

I’d been planning on posting on Thursday or something and uh, somehow didn’t?  I think I started too many projects and couldn’t finish a single one to post about…

1. I want to work on what the blog looks like.  I didn’t want to pay for a theme yet so I picked one that was closest to the atmosphere I want to create.  But it’s not quite right.  I can add a background image and a header image and I will do that.  But the work isn’t complete yet.  I could use a photo but it won’t get me the look I want so I’ve been drawing.  Mice.  I’ve scanned and uploaded one here. I’ve tried using it but it’s not right yet.  I might work on it to create a header image.  I’ve started the background image in my sketchbook but haven’t scanned it yet…

2. I mentioned in this post that I wanted to start working on my images.  I downloaded Gimp because Photoshop isn’t happening just yet.  And I worked a long time.  Hours.  I know that’s normal but with two girls to take care of, hours also mean days.  And I still need a lot of practice.  See?

No editing

I got carried away and lost some detail…

My best try but is it perfect?

And I still haven’t figured out the blur/sharpen tool…  I’ve been trying to work on another photo that’s a teeny bit blurry in spots because the model was moving but I have nothing to show for my efforts yet.  It sometimes feels like I just wasted so much time even though I do realize that it takes a lot of time.  It’s just that when I know I could be sewing or knitting or spinning during this time…

3. Speaking of spinning… I finally wound my first two ply hand spun into a hank and washed it. As much as I enjoyed spinning it, I did not enjoy plying.  But I love the result.  Seriously love the result.  Enough to keep plying…

Pretty two ply!

Have I said how much I love it? I have a bunch more of that Corriedale to spin up (for those who don’t know, Corriedale is a sheep breed).  Since I’m a beginner, I’m just getting a feel for spinning and can’t plan a very specific project for it.  I’m thinking I’d like to make some sort of modular knit with it all when I’m done.  Possibly just a wall hanging or stole or something.  In some plain stitch.  I used to spin 5 minutes per day.  Actually, it was more along the lines of 15 minutes because it was so hard to stop.  I haven’t done it in a while because this yarn was on the spindle (the wood thing in the picture).  I have to get back to it.

Oh, and I haven’t edited the picture.  I feel like now that I’ve been told that photos almost always need at least some minor editing, posting unedited photos is like wearing wrinkled clothes out.  But well, it’s either that or no photos and I like posts with lots of pictures…

4. I’ve started a project featuring all this :

Very Important Project

Have a guess at what it is?  Clue : Emmanuelle will be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween (I bought that one).  I have three parts to make and will post a tutorial for each one.

5. Knitting! I finished a square for a blanket and need to send it off to the person seaming.  I’m almost done with the back of a jacket for Valérie : Roo. Isn’t it the cutest?  I’m still wondering why I started it knowing all I need to do by Christmas…

6. Poison ivy sucks.  Oh right, that wasn’t a project…  I’ve started a fleece cardigan for Emmanuelle.  She has no Fall/Spring coat.  Each time I show her one, she doesn’t like it.  But she needs something to wear when it’s cooler.  I had this fleece that she picked out precisely for a cardigan from Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders. It uses buttons to close up the seams but I will sew everything up to make it warmer.  Well, except for the front… That reminds me I need to buy buttons…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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