Photos of Mouselings

I’ve been going through the photos I took on two separate occasions (October 27 and November 11).  I was going to post once for each date.  Now, I’m thinking I’ll divide by subject.  On both dates, I took pictures of the mouselings and of scenery.  You’re getting the girls today.  I have family following this blog and I know their preference (me? I exist to take pictures of the girls).

Each time I shoot the mouselings, I try to work on my composition skills.  With mouseling 1, it’s easier.  I can give her instructions and she cooperates unless she’s in a bad mood.  Mouseling 2?  Shoot continuously in child mode and hope for the best!  All of the photos have had the colour curve tweaked but only very very slightly. They all had a good range of darks to lights.  I also cropped the photos to improve the composition.

October 27

I really wanted photos of the girls in the leaves but Valérie wasn’t interested.  Emmanuelle, however, cooperated.  She doesn’t jump around much in the leaves but likes to sit and make bouquets…  This time again, I was getting okay pictures standing up and remembered to get down on the ground and got this.  Much better. I cropped it on the right hand side to remove what could be seen of the tag sale.  I then cropped the left side, top, and bottom to keep the balance right.  If you look closely, you’ll see a small intruder…

October 27

Here, I wanted to experiment with focusing on Emmanuelle and having the foreground be blurry.  I love that I managed to capture her throwing the leaves up.  This photo was cropped so that Emmanuelle would take up more space in it.

October 27

And this is the best shot of Valérie that I could get.  Of course she wasn’t interested in the pile of leaves I made her.  She was interested in the rake. And at the risk of repeating myself, this photo was cropped to make missy mouseling the star. The cropping also allowed me to remove my neighbor’s house in the background.  Not that it isn’t a nice looking house…

November 11

This is the photo that I reworked the least.  I suppose I could warm it up a bit.  And try to sharpen Emmanuelle.  I hardly tweaked the colour here.  Just a very subtle S curve (though the others didn’t get much more of a curve adjustment either).  And no cropping.  I just love this photo.  Love love love.  She’s throwing crumbs at the ducks…

November 11

And here’s the last one.  Pointing at the ducks.  Hardly any colour adjustment here.  I just love the warm glow of the light.  I did a bit of cropping.  Valérie’s leggings were a bright emerald that clashed with the other colours in the image so I wanted them out.  And then I did a bit of cropping to keep the composition pleasing.  I love this one as much as the previous one.

Next up, scenery.  But I still need to work on those ones…

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