Leatherstocking Trail

Here’s how most of my weekday mornings go.  Strap souricette 2 to my back, take souricette 1 to school, then go for a 30 minute walk before going home and getting on with daily tasks.  That way, I’m sure to get at least a little bit of exercise in even if I can’t make more time for it in the evening.  My neighborhood is great for walking.  It’s not one of those developments where the houses are all the same and the trees are tiny.  Old trees, well maintained houses (some are so huge!), not too much traffic.  I never get bored.  There’s also a trail in a wooded area that I keep meaning to take.  The leatherstocking trail.  I finally went early this week but forgot my camera at home.  It was sunny and there was a pretty striped light in the wood.  I promised myself I would go back and take close ups of the pretty mushrooms that I saw on a log.  So Thursday, I noticed it was nice and sunny.  I had planned another walk but decided to take my camera to the trail instead…

I found the log with the mushrooms and took quite a few photos.  I couldn’t get as close as I wanted to.  My camera is just a point and shoot.  A very good one but still just a point and shoot.  And it’s 5 years old.  It can’t focus very close.  And I don’t like the results I get when I zoom in.  Still, I have some decent images.  I worked hard at composition in these so no cropping was necessary.  I didn’t use my flash and really only did some very minimal work with the colour curves.  I don’t mind retouching my images a little but I like to do most of the work before taking the picture…

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Souricette 2 was annoyed with the lack of movement while I was taking photos so I had to start walking again.  There was some water.  I guess just a spot where some water from the brook accumulates a little.  It’s hardly big enough to be called a pond… The water was so still that I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the reflection.  Not nearly as many as I would have liked as souricette was sick of waiting around…  My favourite one has the reflection of the sun in it.  I kind of liked having it there but it just draws the eye too much.  I don’t know.  Something was off with the composition.  I tried cropping the photo different ways and came up with this next one that I liked.  You can see a couple rays of sun at the right, close to the top.  I also tried adjusting the colour curve, but you know what? The image didn’t need it.  No matter how little or how much I retouched it, the original colours still looked best…

Trees in the water...

Trees in the water…

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