I’ve run out of creative title juices it would seem…

To start off, here’s a gratuitous shot of my cat, Max.  I thought he looked cool against the blue sky…


Doesn’t look so good that I’m late posting so early in the year, huh?  I’ll just argue that Friday is a way better day for posting.  Yeah.  That’s it.

This week’s tasks were :

-small project : sew button back on to my favorite blazer.  Yes, I see big.  Did that on Monday.

-project with souricette 1 : finish our circle weavings.  Actually, they’ve been done for a month but I wanted to make them more stable and glue them onto some felt.  And possibly decorate the edge with a braid.  So I taught souricette 1 how to make a braid and helped her with her first one.  She did a really good job!

-big project : got two of them.  Start sewing an outfit for souricette 2 (want to get the pants done this week) and start painting a big canvas to be used in photo styling. Pants are done, yay! I had an issue with the canvas though.  I wanted to use some old house paint from the basement.  The grey one we used in the kitchen to be specific.  I thought I had it.  I found a gallon with a lid that said Iced Cube Silver (I love paint names).  I started applying it and thought it was mighty white.  Yeah, it’s the primer the painters used.  They put the wrong lid on it afterwards.  So no grey.  But I really want grey.  So I’m going to have to make the perfect grey out of white and black acrylic and possibly a touch of some other color.  That’s not something I want to try to fit in when the souricettes are in bed and I’m exhausted so I’ll do it tomorrow.  When Mr. Mouse can help with youngster management.

-project for future business : that canvas for the photo styling.  And that’s this week’s effort in photography too.  Styling a photo to show off an item.  I tried to get a good picture of the apron I finished last week.  I think it would look better on someone but I’m not ready for the self portraits and I don’t think Mr. Mouse wants to wear such a girly thing…

Auto white balance, no flash

Auto white balance, no flash

White balance set to cloudy (because it was cloudy outside), no flash

White balance set to cloudy (because it was cloudy outside), no flash

The styling still leaves something to be desired.  The grey wall is good (it’s the one I wanted for my canvas!) but it feels like the apron would have looked better hanging on a cupboard door or something.  This doesn’t feel very natural.  But then, it might be hard to see the shape of the thing…  Any opinions out there? Constructive criticism? Which is best?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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  1. […] first time was for a friend even thought I’d originally bought the pattern for me.  The second time was for the kitchen.  Seriously, what’s with all those aprons with no bib?  Who splatters […]


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