Lemons and Lemonade

Soooo many things not going quite right this week!

Lemon 1: I went to get an old canvas from the basement because I want to make another one to use as a backdrop.  I have this image in my mind of multiple canvases leaning up against the wall on top of each other, hoping it would make a cool but unobtrusive background.  Anyhow, this canvas that I had in mind is big.  We bought it back in Montreal and covered it with fabric to decorate our bedroom.  I got it out of the basement.  Smelled, I don’t know, stale?  Mr. Mouse can’t smell it but it bothers me.  I removed the fabric and it was still in good condition.  Not surprising given that I had made sure we only tacked the material to the back of the canvas.  But then, there was stuff on the back.  I went to clean and realized…  Moths.  Leftover moth cocoons and possibly moth eggs.  As I said, the canvas itself looks good but I’m not sure what to do.  I don’t want to bring moth eggs anywhere close to my wool.  So the canvas is hanging around outside waiting for me to make a decision.  No lemonade yet.

Lemon 2: I made souricette 1 a fleece jacket/cardigan thing but souricette 2?  Hers is cut up but not sewn.  I decided to work on it this week.  I need to blanket stitch the whole thing.  I have all of one colour of embroidery cotton that looks nice with it.  And I’m running out of it…  I know for a fact I don’t have enough.  I had two thingies (technical term) of it but I can’t find the second one.  It is obviously going to show up right when I’ve resigned myself to using another colour to finish up.  Ummm, no lemonade here either.

Lemon 3: I’m in charge of snacks for souricette 1’s class this week and next week. This week is fine.  Next week is a problem.  I was planning on ordering from Fresh Direct because it’s the easiest way to get 6 boxes of goldfish, 4 boxes of graham crackers, 3 boxes of yogurt tubes, 6 4-packs of applesauce, 6 4-packs of fruit cups, and 4 packs of string cheese.  I really wanted to get something like heart shaped pretzels for Thursday but couldn’t find any.  Still trying to think of something I can do for Valentine’s day snacks…  Anyway, I went to order and found out that there will be no deliveries Saturday.  Because snowstorm.  This wouldn’t have been a problem because I wanted a delivery on Friday night.  But everyone who would have gotten their order on Saturday switched to Friday and Sunday so there are no more delivery time slots available.  Which means a drive to the store to get what I need…  And I can’t be sure they’ll have it because snowstorm and everyone seems to think they’ll be stuck at home for months…  Still no lemonade.  Unless I get some sort of yummy fancy chocolate while there?  Hmmm, maybe…

Lemon 4: Did you see my new background?  With the mice hanging to the balloons?  I love how it looks on my computer.  Mr. Mouse, however, doesn’t see a thing on his iPad.  I guess the lemonade is that I get to putter around with my background a little more.  It was actually easier than I thought it would be…

Lemon 5: I actually thought of taking my camera with me on my Thursday morning walk.  Put the telephoto lens on too.  Hoping to get a shot of the Canada geese I saw before.  No geese.  But here’s the lemonade!  There were ducks!



Lessee, what did I do to those again? Cropped because even the 200mm zoom wasn’t getting close enough.  On the top one, I brightened the picture a little and made the colours more saturated.  Quite a bit more saturated.  Both of these are practically black and white shots in their natural state.  Since the water is pretty much grey, upping the stauration just helps the ducks stand out.  On the second one, I did the same thing to the saturation but I didn’t brighten it.  I made the shadows lighter instead.  Just a smidge, but it really allows you to see more detail on that last duck.  Oh, and everything was done in raw.  May I say that I love love love manipulating the photos in raw?  It’s so much easier!  It doesn’t do anything creative like remove blemishes and brighten eyes but basic manipulations like contrast and brightness work so much better!

Then, I decided to try to get that cotton candy effect with a little waterfall nearby.  It took me some time to get the settings just right but here you go! No cropping.  Just a bit of saturation hike.


And finally, here is souricette 2.  I’m still working on indoor and children photography.  The challenge is sooooo different…


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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