Photo Monday!

So.  I’ve decided to try blogging twice a week.  I hope to get up to three times per week but I don’t think I can manage that right now.  My Friday posts were getting kind of big and cluttered with a million things.  Since my photography is something I’m actively trying to improve, I think it deserves its very own post.  This post is actually going to be very photo heavy because I’ve taken lots! One shoot with souricette 2 on Friday and an outing on Sunday.  Plus cat.  I’ve just discovered where the photo’s exif data is store so I’ll be sharing that.

First up, souricette 2.  She was very sad that her big sister had a playdate she wasn’t invited to.  She wouldn’t stop crying until I asked her if she’d like to bake a cake with me.  “Gâteau!”  That was a yes.  She loved licking the bowl and I tried to get some good shots.  Man, she moves fast!  Most of them were blurry.  I need to work on shutter priority mode.  I understand aperture priority and can get what I want but shutter priority…  Needs work.  And then, I dressed her up in the skirt I made last week and tried to get pictures of it.  Not the best shots for detailing but very cute…

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Next up, family outing to Manor Park. It’s a lovely accessible to all but private park by the water.  The rules are a little off putting though.  No food whatsoever, no balls, no bicycles, no scooters…  Oh well.  I had some fun with my telephoto zoom.  The only bird present was a seagull.  Not the most amazing subject but he had the advantage of not being afraid of me when I moved closer.  Unlike those ducks.  And there was this cool group of mussels and algae. They’re covered at high tide.  Mr. Mouse ended up saying I’d have more pictures of mussels than my daughters… I tried to get a good landscape image too.  The park has these two gazebos but they show up so often in photos that I couldn’t be bothered with them.  But I did find a rock bench I liked.

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Finally, when we got home, the cat was sleeping on the couch.  This couch is actually pretty awesome for photos.  It’s all one colour.  Navy blue with a bit of a green cast to it.  Matte, velvety texture.  Said cat is white and orange so the blue really sets him off nicely…

55mm, ISO100, Aperture 5.6, Shutter speed 1/6

55mm, ISO100, Aperture 5.6, Shutter speed 1/6

37mm, ISO100, Aperture 5.6, Shutter speed 1/2

37mm, ISO100, Aperture 5.6, Shutter speed 1/2

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