Photo Monday

I’ve been an achy, coughing, stuffed up mess for the past few days.  I was really hoping to get out to get some pictures but I needed to rest more.  So I tried to find something interesting to photograph at home.  I didn’t even have the energy to try to style and pose the souricettes.  So I tried to get interesting photos of the roses Mr Mouse gave me for Valentine’s day.  They’re starting to wilt a bit but still look pretty good.  I also took detail shots of some items in the living room.  It would all have been so much easier and fun with a macro lens.  Souricette 2 made a mess with crayons and I tried to get close to them but I couldn’t get close enough, you know?  I’m also finding the lack of tripod a challenge.  It makes indoor photography with no flash that much harder.  Well, I tried my best at least!

Here are the roses.  I set them next to a window to get as much natural light as possible.

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And then, here are a few of the detail shots.  I kept my aperture wide open and I just realized while editing the photos that I should have closed it up a little.  I had to put some of the shots aside because the depth of field was just too shallow…

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