The Week of Exhaustion

I’m not really feeling better actually.  The aches are gone and for a while, I thought I was going to be all better by the weekend.  Not so much.  The past two days have seen me more congested than before with the added bonus of sinus pain.  It’s only annoying but man, is it annoying!  Especially because I can’t take anything potent for it because I’m still nursing souricette 2.  And I have this lingering fatigue. I just don’t have the energy for anything.  A million projects are waiting for me but I can’t seem to muster the energy.  It takes everything I’ve got just to keep the family fed.  I know I need to cut myself some slack but well, I hate feeling unproductive!

What I would have liked to do:

-I had planned on sewing up a taffeta skirt for souricette 1, just like the one I made for souricette 2 but better.  Taking pictures along the way so I could set up a tutorial. I never got started because the light wasn’t good (still isn’t, crappy weather).  Bad light = even worse photos than usual (I haven’t mastered the tutorial photos yet).

-I have some sewing and knitting to do for a swap.  It’s a really cool swap!  All about reduce-reuse-recycle.  So I can only spend 10$ on say, a button to finish a project or something like that.  My partner seems very down to earth and she’s a knitter (well, we pretty much all are).  So I already have some yarn set aside for her.  And if she likes any of my knitting books that I’m willing to part with, they’re hers.  When we get closer to the deadline, I’ll bake her something.  I’ve made a list of possible things to make her.  I’ve taken out a special skein of yarn to knit her something.  And I have a pattern picked out.  That may be the one thing I manage to get to this week…  Oh, and I’ve taken out all my material that she might like so I can sew her some goodies.  It’s a pretty good selection, if only a little low on quilting cottons.  But I have two corduroy fabrics, denim, jersey, interlock, and flannel that I can use.  All 100% cotton.  And some linen.  See here (I’m guessing a shot of fabrics isn’t going to spoil the surprise). Yeah, cloudy day and I don’t have much by way of studio lighting so this was the best I could do…

Dark ones in the middle are cords and denim, top is flannel, left is knits, right is quilting weight cottons, and the olive is linen...

Dark ones in the middle are cords and denim, top is flannel, left is knits, right is quilting weight cottons, and the olive is linen…

I even have a couple patterns picked out.  I just can’t seem to get them out and trace them. Or even iron the fabric…

-I have some knitting to do for another swap!  Also a really cool one.  I have to knit 12 8″ squares and send them to, um, let’s call her the swap master.  She’ll be getting squares from all the participants.  And then, she’ll be making everyone a package of the same number of squares they sent in from everyone else’s squares.  So I should be getting 12 squares from 12 different people that I can then assemble into a small blanket. I’m calling it the Friends Blanket.  I have 5 squares done and I’m working on a sixth.  I think I’m on my fifth restart of that one.  The two first stitch patterns just weren’t working for me.  They were really pretty lace but my yarn is handpainted so it was just fighting the stitch pattern.  And it’s really important that I love each and everyone of my squares because they’re supposed to represent me.  I was looking for a way to make the square look as pretty as the shawl I made from it.  That shawl had an always changing stitch count which made the colours play nicely together.  Almost no pooling.  Finally, I realized that yarn needed to be made into entrelac, a technique I absolutely love.  Basically makes it look woven.  It’s fun to knit and works so well on hand painted yarns! But I had to start that over because my square was closer to 10 inches.  And then I still didn’t like how it looked.  The entrelac squares were too small so the yarn was making hick stripes.  Not at all like the shawl.  Frogged again. And then I cast on the same number of stitches but made it into only 2 entrelac squares rather than the original 5.  I hope this time is right…  No picture because it isn’t done and entrelac doesn’t photograph well until it’s finished.  But here’s my project page. I’ll put a picture up when it’s done…

Oh!  But I did finish my first ever sock club kit from my first ever sock club! From Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Well then, my family isn’t dead and I finished a shawl…  It is a little sad that I consider that to be a successful week right now…


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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