Photo Monday

I had two photo sessions this week.  One improvised one on Friday and another one on Sunday.  I wasn’t feeling inspired and it shows, I think.

Friday, I had planned an art activity for the girls : drawing with water soluble crayons and then painting water over the crayon.  I tried it and it’s cool.  Souricette 1 was really into it.  Souricette 2 was more interested in painting with the water.  One big positive is that the amount of mess that souricette 2 could produce was limited.  Painting with water.  That’s a keeper.  Anyway, I was watching them and realized I should be snapping away rather than just hanging out.  So I snapped away.  It was evening and it turns out that there is quite a bit of movement during creative work.  So lots of blurriness.  I got rid of the too blurry ones but I kind of like the movement suggested in some of them.  The background is also less distracting than I thought it would be and the girls are remarkably coordinated.  Just an accident.  Anyway, these have absolutely no artistic merit but I still like them.

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Sunday, we went to the park. I had this idea of sitting in this big round swing with souricette 1 and getting some nice shots of us spinning.  You know the kind.  With souricette 1 in focus and the background blurry.  But my shutter speed was too fast.  I need to learn more about that thing.  I should probably have used a smaller aperture to get the desired blur.  Well, I got some good action freezing shots.

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Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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