Getting Back on Track

I’m finally, finally! getting better. And I had work planned this week.  I was supposed to work on a sewing project for the swap.  Apart from cutting the material and fusing the interfacing last weekend? Nothing.  I was also supposed to be sewing a taffeta skirt for souricette 1 and taking pictures of the process so I can turn it into a tutorial.  Apart from cutting the material? Nothing again.  I haven’t even quite finished that entrelac square!  It needs its ends woven in and it needs blocking.  I’m finding it so difficult to get anything done and it isn’t just because I was sick and still feel tired.  I have no motivation and only want to eat chocolate while knitting and watching Dr Who.  So fine.  Chocolate + knitting + Dr Who doesn’t sound that bad.  But I’m usually so much more productive…  And my mood is just blah.

And you know what? Ever since moving out here three years ago (so this would be my fourth Spring), I’ve been like this every. single. Spring.  Coulda been happening to me before but I never noticed…  The first year, I thought I was just depressed because we’d moved and I had to adjust to a new country and make new friends.  The second year Mr. Mouse’s mom died and I thought that might be it.  But last year? Sure, I could find things that bothered me but they’re things that bother me all the time.  There was no event. I mentioned this to my mommy group on Ravelry and apparently, Spring depression is a thing.  I found some evidence of it online too.  Like that Fall depression that’s way more common.  But in Spring.  It sounds so counter intuitive.  I mean, who gets depressed when the cold is ending and the sun is coming back?  Apparently, I do.  It’s the only thing that makes any sense.  I guess I just need to wait for my body to adapt to the seasonal change and be gentle with myself in the meantime, right?  Try to power through but not get down on myself if I’m not very productive.

So here’s me being gentle.  I did get a good start on a knitting project for my swap partner.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t post more than a preview but I’m happy about it.  It’s something she’d like, a stitch pattern that I feel goes well with her personality, and a colour that she likes and will look great on her.


And I made a plush toy for souricette 1’s teacher’s baby. A bear.  You’ll see you need to be told when you see it…  I also need to make one for the big sister.  Souricette 1 designed them.  I’m using her drawings as the pattern to cut out the material.  She picked the main material with my guidance (I directed her toward my stash of knits).  She’s also picking the felt, buttons, and embroidery floss to complete the stuffies.  The first one is very crafty and very cute.  I love it.  When they’re all done, I’ll have her write a tag for each one and I’ll write a note and send them.  I think Mrs. Spano will love them.


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