Photo Monday – Snow Day!

We had a lovely snowfall on Friday morning.  Souricette 1’s school had a two hour delay.  When I came back from dropping her off, I took some photos.  Souricette 2 was in the mood to play in the snow for a bit and I was NOT in the mood to shovel the driveway.  It was actually quite warm, just around freezing, so the snow was really sticky.  I decided that when souricette 1 came home from school, we would build a big snowman.  She’s never built a big one before.  Last time we had good snow, I didn’t get to help her with a snowman until it was too late and the snow had gone hard.  She’s built a family of small snowmen with her friend but they were really small.  I was so disappointed to not have been able to show her what a REAL snowman looks like. I was NOT going to miss that chance again!  So I made her a snowman.  It’s not as big as I wanted but souricette 1 was impressed.



It’s not a great picture because I was just in a hurry to get a shot of souricette 1 with her snowman.  It’s a good thing I did too!  By evening, he had already melted enough to fall apart.  By Sunday, all that was left was a small mound of snow…

I took my better pictures in the morning, when it was still snowing.  I love snow covered trees but it’s so hard to get good shots.  I still haven’t figured out the proper settings and the best composition.  It doesn’t help that we haven’t had much snow this year.  No practice for me…  These are my best ones.  I loved our snow covered fence.  I think it adds some interest in an image that would otherwise only be a jumble of branches.  And it creates such a pretty scalloped line!  There’s also one where I tried using our house as a background to add a shot of color (the house is yellow)…

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