And All Thanks to Chocolate!

I’m still feeling those springtime blahs but I’m better.  I was craving chocolate last week, remember?  And then I remembered that it contains happy making chemicals.  So, ummm, I’ve been giving in to the cravings.  What? It’s medicine! It’s true!  Stop looking at me like that!

Whatever.  It worked or something because I’m accomplishing things during a tough week.  One where poor Mr Mouse is away on a three day business trip in Las Vegas, leaving me alone with the souricettes.  A week where souricette 1 has a day off school. During the business trip.  Still accomplishing stuff.  Chocolate works.  So there.


  1. Making good progress on knit goodie for dear swapee (sorry for being so cryptic).  The pattern says to knit 12 reps but I’m thinking of going to 15.  I have 10 reps done.  Hmmm, we’re driving up to a sugar shack this weekend (yay!) so I just may be able to finish knitting in the car!
  2. Finished the taffeta skirt for souricette 1.  I even worked on the tutorial.  It’s not even close to ready but I got a lot done.  I may get to take pictures of it Sunday.  If so, the tutorial will go up next Friday!
  3. Finished second plushie for Mrs. Spano.  It’s even cuter than the first one. I even got to try out a new photography toy: a reflector disk thingie.  See how one side is in the shadows a little?  It was way worse before I placed the reflector…_MG_0651
  4. I’m making good progress on the first sewn goodie for dear swapee.  It’ll be done next week for sure.
  5. Realized all of a sudden that Easter will be here soon and that I had planned on sewing a gift for each of the souricettes.  A dress for souricette 1’s doll and a doll carrier for souricette 2.  Patterns are traced and cut out and I will be cutting out the fabric Saturday during swim class.

See? And all thanks to chocolate!

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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