Still No Tutorial…


Man, those tutorials are work.  I did get to do the photo shoot but I need to do another one.  I stupidly focused on the girls rather than the skirt.  Well what?  They’re much more interesting!  I need to get souricette 1 into the skirt again and get good shots of the skirt (see? I wrote her at first, focus on the skirt!) I didn’t show off the photos I took because I was saving them for the tutorial so you’ll get some of ’em now… I got a tripod and a portable studio from amazon so I everything up and dressed the girls.  I had Mr. Mouse be the kid wrangler but he did need me to explain that that does not involve sitting on the couch looking at his iPad…  I also need to work on posing the girls.  Souricette 1, more specifically.  Also, souricette 1’s expressions.  She’s learned to just smile at the camera and it’s so, so… School picture, you know?

Back to the tutorial that didn’t get done.  I still have loads of work to do on the process pictures but the instructions are pretty much there.  Still need to go through them as I’m not quite happy yet.  Also.  I don’t want to clutter up a tutorial with random stuff from my week.  When I realized that posting a tutorial today would mean not getting babble about what I’ve been doing this week, I realized how attached I am to my babbling…  How self-invloved does that sound?  So I’ve been thinking of doing special posts like tutorials on Wednesdays.  I’ve been hesitating because, before long, I’ll feel obligated to always have something to post on Wednesdays and then I’ll go crazy because I’m doing too much.  So here’s me putting it out there that Wednesday posts will be occasional.  Got it, self?

So…  this week’s babbling (like I haven’t started babbling yet).  I finished my first sewn project for my swap partner!  I’m very happy with the end result but the pattern wasn’t all that much fun to work with.  It’s from One-Yard Wonders.  The book has some fun ideas of things to do with just one yard of fabric and I’ve made a few but most of the patterns I’ve tried aren’t very precise.  It makes for a somewhat frustrating sewing experience.

After the bag, I moved on to the souricettes’ Easter gifts.  Souricette 1 is getting a dress for her doll and it’s almost done already! Only some hand sewing left to do and I’ll do that during her swim class Saturday.  I’ve moved on to souricette 2’s bear/doll carrier.  It’s going well!  Both patterns are from the Oliver + S book.  These are my third and fourth patterns from that book.  Fifth and sixth if you count the Oliver + S separate pattern I made up (Music Class blouse and skirt).  These patterns are absolutely delightful!  The contrast with the one yard project was so great I actually took the time to e-mail Oliver + S to tell them how much I appreciate their work.  I think I could write a whole post detailing how awesome they are.

Which brings me back to posting on Wednesdays.  I was thinking I could sometimes do reviews if a book stands out to me for some reason or other.  What do you think?  I already know I would do a review for the two books I mentioned and I can think of another sewing book I’ve used quite a bit that I could review…  And see? It’s only two paragraphs ago that I said posting on Wednesdays would be occasional and I’m already thinking up material to do it regularly.  Hopeless…

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