Letting Go

Souricette 1 had Spring break this week.  I know what school breaks mean and I do plan accordingly.  I try to keep it low key. So no visits to NYC.  If I want to bake or craft, I make sure I have all supplies needed.  And I try to keep the plan flexible with activities that can be dropped or reorganized.  So that when I get a text asking me if we want to do something one morning, I can rearrange my plans so that we can work it in.  I’ve gotten really good at this.  But this week has taught me I need to let go of more than my schedule…

I had two crafting activities planned: decorating eggs and a springtime wreath.  The eggs were from Pinterest.  Seemed really easy and doable with the girls.  I bought the glue dots in three sizes and a set of glitter.  I used sandwich bags to contain the glitter.  Souricette 1 was quite capable of decorating her own eggs and she’s 5.  The thing is, I had these visions of glittery pastel polka dots.  Maybe 5-6  different colors total.  Easter colors.  What colors did souricette 1 pick for her first egg? White, black, and red.  Next one? Light blue, light green, and brown.  I know, I know.  I could have done a preselection with the glitter but I didn’t think to.  I had this vision of 9 beautiful coordinated eggs.  So my first reaction was disappointment.  I’d taken the time to blow out and wash 9 eggs and what was the result? A huge mish mash.

I had a stern talk with myself.  It’s about the process and this my girls’ creativity.  They really did great work, didn’t they? And who says Easter has to be pink and purple and yellow and green?  Still, it wasn’t my vision.  And that’s the thing.  The girls aren’t my extension.  They have their own vision.  If I want a project to come out exactly like I see it, I have to do it.  If I want my girls involved and exercising their creativity, I have to let go of my expectations.  Yeah, easier said than done…

Second project was a wreath.  I had the idea for this one while cruising the aisles at A.I. Friedman.  I got the smallest wreath and some crepe paper to make flowers.  I also bought thumb tacks and a cotton jelly roll (cotton strips) in pastel colors (see ? I do learn).  This was just souricette 1 and I.  We started by wrapping 3 strips of cotton around the wreath and getting it to stay there with Mod Podge.  Souricette 1 chose the colors but there was no black, brown or red to be had.  That part looked really good!  I was happy.  The next day, we started making flowers.  They weren’t looking quite right and I would have liked to research paper flowers on Pinterest but I knew souricette 1 would have none of that.  I used a thumb tack to pin them in place thinking we could glue a circle on top.  Souricette 1 was having none of that.  She thought the thumb tack was just the perfect center for the flowers.  We made three big flowers and placed them side by side.  I was thinking of what we could add but well, souricette 1 has her own creative ideas.  She wanted flowers all the way around.  So we made 3 small tissue paper flowers and 4 medium ones.  All with a thumb tack middle.  All side by side.  So 3 big flowers, than 3 small, than 4 medium.  And then she was done.  I suggested adding pompoms but no.  We were done.  Once again, not what I had in mind.  But it’s our wreath now.  Not just mine.  I managed to retain some control over the colors so I’m happy.  And it’s cheerful.  And it’s OURS.  Not mine.  Not hers.  OURS.



Isn’t it beautiful?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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