Photo Monday – The Cloisters

We went to The Cloisters on Saturday and I took over a hundred shots.  Going through that was work!  But before I get to those shots, here are the souricettes on their Easter egg hunt.  I should have used the telephoto lens but it was too late by the time I thought of it…


So The Cloisters.  It has this medieval-ish feel but well, obviously it can’t be that old.  Lots of religious art (that part is authentically old).  I found the details and architecture called to me more than the art pieces themselves.  Being a textile geek, I loved the tapestries.  The texture of that cloth!  I had this gorgeous image of a detail of it but it’s not quite sharp enough to share…  I have to say that my DSLR was a very welcome tool.  I had no tripod because I didn’t think they’d let it in so I had to make use of higher ISO. And then I forgot to change to my lowest ISO when we went back outside.  That’s my issue.  I keep forgetting to change back my settings when I do something unusual.  Oh well.  It IS a learning experience after all.


Ceilings and high walls…  I love the sense of depth you get from the top left one.  The bottom left one (the big one!) is a favorite too.  I almost always enjoy the contrast between very old style and contemporary.

Inside, looking out…  Those were so hard to get right! I did some massive work on them afterwards. Mostly, I lightened the dark areas to bring out the hidden detail a bit.  I had exposed for the light outside so the highlights wouldn’t get blown out.

Details and textures…

A red door I apparently liked so much I couldn’t decide between these three shots…

Architecture and a statue…

And here, more texture but I couldn’t decide which one to include in the texture gallery.  I just don’t know which photo is the best!  Does more background detail detract from the texture in front or does it enhance? What do you think?

Finally, the handsome man I got to take home because you always want to end on a high note…

35mm, ISO200, Av 4.5, Tv 1/8

35mm, ISO200, Av 4.5, Tv 1/8

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