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Wednesday, I was wondering what I was going to write about.  My projects aren’t very shareable at the moment.  I started and finished another sewing project that I can’t talk about or show because it’s a surprise for my swap partner. Still working on the friends’ blanket but my project is woefully unupdated…  Wait.  Let me get some pictures and update.  There, done.  What I really want to do is jump into some socks for me.  I haven’t been doing much for me.  And I got my sock club package from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I think I can’t post pictures just yet but I love the colors and the sock pattern.  And I want to make them now.  But.  I’m making Roo for souricette 2 et I’m having a hard time working on it.  It’s a lovely pattern and it isn’t difficult but I can’t seem to get going.  Maybe because the yarn is navy blue?  So I’m making myself finish the front and one more blanket square before I get to do socks.  So nothing to show, nothing to say about me…

But then, yesterday, souricette 1 went all cute on me and I wanted to share a little more of who she is.  Souricette 1 is 5 years old and in kindergarden.  She follows the rules and will actually tell me when she does something wrong even I wouldn’t have known, so honest.  If someone accuses her of something she didn’t do, she gets very, very upset.  She sometimes gets angry and throws tantrums but always asks for a hug afterwards.  She needs that reassurance that we still love her. She’s very affectionate and loving.

Souricette 1 is a smart kid.  She is learning to read and write.  Souricette 1 really wants to do things right and gets frustrated when she tries to sound out words and still gets the wrong spelling.  And she makes lists.


“Wut is in poortin files” is the title of her list.  It means “what is important things”.  It was short at first.  Royoin? No clue.  Even she couldn’t tell me.  Clinupp.  Clean up.  It was in second place.  Wrcrc is work.  And then rest.  And the last piece of the original list was bi hapi.  Be happy.  Don’t you just love it?  I told her it was my favorite and she decided to add a series of “be wif yoor…” (be with your).  Mom, dad, beabi (baby, that would be Valérie).  No more space at the bottom so back to the top : lidil grl (little girl, that one is for me and there’s another one for daddy) and wif (wife, that’s for Mr. Mouse).  Family and friends are supremely important to souricette 1.  She likes being with us, doing things with us.  It gets exhausting but it’s so very sweet, especially when she’s taking care of her sister…

Every night, souricette 1 goes to sleep in our bed, in her father’s spot.  If Mr. Mouse is away, I let her sleep there all night.  Otherwise, he carries her back to her bed when he goes to bed.  And then, she gets up in the morning and joins us in bed.  If she had her way, she would always sleep with us.  All night.


Souricette 1 is creative.  She draws up a storm and loves painting and taping things together.  Glue is a last resort.  She likes for me to set up projects for her but she also comes up with her own ideas.  And she gets a lot of them.  Mostly gifts for other people.  I make sure to keep the art supply cabinet overflowing (was going to say well stocked but that wouldn’t be exact).  I’ve taught her to knit (too slow for her tastes), weave, and sew a little.  She really wants to sew more…  We’ve made plush toys together and now, she wants to make something like this.  She first came up with the idea while watching Brave a few weeks ago and I thought she’d forget about it. She brought it up again on Wednesday.  Unprompted.  Did I mention she has a good memory and a stubborn streak?  So we’ll be doing something like it.  Not a real tapestry and nothing that detailed.  We need to discuss this and see what would work for her…  I sense another collaborative project.

Wednesday, souricette 1 also came up to me and told me she would like to have her own camera.  I still have my old point and shoot so I handed it to her. I set it to child mode because it’s the most tolerant one when it comes to shake.  And she took off.  40 pictures in 5 minutes.

Interesting choices, right?  I love her point of view, what she felt was interesting enough to capture.

Souricette 1 is a wonderful child and I’m excited to see her grow up into a wonderful adult…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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