About Souricette 2

Since I did a post about souricette 1, I figured it would only be fair to let souricette 2 have a post too.  Besides, I’m still doing things I can’t show…  I’m very productive and the project for my swap partner?  Not only is it going well but it’s making me happy.  I can finally use my creative bones more.  I’m coming up with ideas and thinking about how to make them work and it just feels so good.

Anyway, souricette 2.  She’s only 20 months old so she hasn’t had a chance to show us as much of her personality as souricette 1.  And then, when asked to describe her, I find that we tend to always use her sister as a counter point.  We’ll say that souricette 2 is less cautious than souricette 1, less afraid of water, etc.  And I don’t want to do that.  I understand that we can’t help but notice the differences between the two but souricette 2 is her own person.  She doesn’t need her sister as a counterpoint.  Luckily, souricette 2 has plenty of personality already!


So, souricette 2.  She’s generally happy.  And she’s just so funny.  Ever since she’s become social-ish (I’m talking when she started really looking at us and smiling), I can’t help but smile when I look at her.  Laugh, even.  I remember sitting her down on the counter after her bath.  There she was, naked, all smiles, and adorably fat.  She was fat all over but she had the most glorious thighs.  And I just burst out laughing.  I still laugh and smile when I look at her.  Even her tantrums are funny.  And she loves it when I laugh so she acts crazy for me.  She’ll run around, dance, bounce, make silly faces…  Whatever it takes.  And she’ll give you these mischievous grins as she’s doing something…  What also makes us laugh is her love of food.  Souricette 2 is always the first one to sit at the dinner table.  She gets this wide eyed look when food is coming like it’s the most amazing thing ever.  It’s such a lovely sight, watching her eat.


Souricette 2 really really wants to do everything we do.  I think it’s her biggest motivation.  She’d do best in a high chair but we don’t sit in one so she won’t either.  If we have forks and knives, don’t try to giver a spoon.  She tolerates a sippy cup at least…  She couples her desire with strong observational skills.  It’s impressive!  She watches everything souricette 1 does and tries so very hard to do the exact same thing.  Oh, how she tries! And she fails and tries again.  So persistent…  And that’s how she’s now able to eat thick soup on her own with very few dribbles.  We’ve seen her work on this over and over.  Every meal, she would eventually ask for help to get some food in her belly but now, she’s got it.  And she’s not using a fist hold.  Souricette 2 holds her spoon like an adult.  She’s mastered the pencil grip and never draws any other way.  I never showed her but she watches her sister draw.  In fact, if you look at her full body position when she draws, you can totally see the 5 year old…


Souricette 2 can be good about sharing toys but not her parents.  She will sit on me and push her sister off.  There’s enough space for both but souricette 2 will have none of it.  I’m hers, apparently.  She won’t even let souricette 1 sit cuddled up next to me.  If she’s cuddling me, no one else can.  And trust me, you’ll know if she isn’t happy about something.  She’s laid back but no one will ever step all over her.

The souricettes do have a few points in common. They share their eye color (the exact same beautiful blue!) but they also share their sociability.  I mentioned how her family and friends were so important to souricette 1.  Souricette 2 doesn’t have that many friends yet but being with the people she loves is very important to her too.  She gives awesome hugs and cuddles me a lot.  But she also hugs her sister and when I say it’s time to go get her sister at school, her face lights up.  And I think that’s what makes me happiest.  Souricette 1 sometimes gets annoyed with souricette 2 because she’s a baby but they love each other and want to be together.  They want to play together even if it doesn’t always work out.  I hope they can not only keep that closeness but grow even closer together.  They’ll be the blue eyed sisters…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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