Book Review – Little Things to Sew

Sorry, still sick.  Souricette 2 helped me a little photoshoot this morning but well, she doesn’t stay very still and I don’t like using flash.  Blurry photos.

For my very first book review, I wanted something easy.  Because it’s my first book review and because, in case you missed it, I’m still sick.  I picked the Oliver + S book, Little Things to Sew.

This book contains a collection of toys and accessories for children.  Sorry, no garments.  But then, that’s kind of in the name, isn’t it?  There are 20 projects, all beautifully photographed. Patterns are rated using the Oliver + S scissors. 1 scissor for easy all the way to 4 for advanced.  There are actually no 4 scissor patterns and only a few 3 scissor patterns.  More importantly the quality of the instruction is top notch so no need to worry if you’re a beginner and wish to try a 2 or 3 scissor project.

I made the small messenger bag for souricette 2.  I actually think the big one would be suitable for an adult, maybe a wee bit small but still okay… There were times where I wasn’t sure how everything was going to fit together.  That scares me because then, I can never be sure I’m not screwing up. But I had blindly followed an Oliver + S pattern before and saw it work out beautifully.  So I went ahead and followed the instructions carefully.  And ended up with a perfect bag!  The one thing that may have been missing from the instructions is that the body of the bag isn’t suitable for a directional print.  I had picked out this very cute owl print but since the back and top flap are all one piece, the owls would have been upside down either on the back or the flap.  Luckily, I always order extra material and I used the one I had chosen for the strap for the back/flap piece.  I’m still proud when I look at that bag.  There are little details that make the bag special and the construction makes it look professional.


Then, I made the tutu for souricette 1.  This very simple pattern creates a voluminous tutu.  Loved the hints to help you deal with the tulle.  The sample picture also shows you how different colors of tulle layer to create a more complex and interesting color.  I had a friend over yesterday.  Souricette 1 told her I had made it and she said she could tell.  I asked her why and she answered that commercial tutus are never this full and beautiful.


The two other projects I made were the tea party doll dress and a bear carrier.  The dress is sized for an 18″ doll and fits perfectly.  It matches the Tea Party Sundress pattern. So if you have a little girl who likes to dress up like her doll, go for it!  You’d probably have enough for the doll dress in the remnants from the full size dress but I haven’t tried.  The dress fits the doll perfectly.


The bear carrier had some tricky parts but the instructions warn you about the trickiness and tells you how to get past it.  It worked out really well!


Other projects I would love to get to include:

  • reversible bucket hat for my souricette 2 who loves hats
  • large messenger bag for souricette 1 and maybe even for me!
  • cozy winter hood because it’s just too cute to pass up
  • juggling balls and drawstring bag for Mr. Mouse (he juggles clementines to the girls’ delight)
  • red riding hood because it’s also too cute to pass up
  • bear puppet bath mitts (with old towels that we don’t use anymore)

If you want to try but still aren’t sure, check out the reversible bucket hat.  It’s a 2 scissor pattern and it’s available for free.  Try it out.  Seriously.  I haven’t heard a single negative word about Oliver + S patterns because they’re that good.  Great details and great instructions.  And I don’t get paid to say this.  They’re just that awesome.

Next time, when I’m not sick, I’m doing a more difficult review…

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