Back to Work. Sort of.

Finally, finally! I’m feeling better.  For the first time in a week, eating isn’t painful.  And I’m taking morning walks with souricette 2 again.  She seems happy to be back in the stroller for now…

The problem is that I’ve fallen behind on my top secret project.  I really wanted to finish up all my modules this week.  I had two to go.  And now I have two to go.  And I still don’t have a lot of “get up and go” energy so I’m having a really hard time pushing myself to work on it.  My brain feels dead.  It can’t think.  I haven’t even been able to knit while watching tv this week!

So umm, that’s it?

Wait, no!  I haven’t been doing much but I’m reading a book I ordered.  I do have the energy for that. Here.

I’m not done yet but I like it.  I’ll review it when I’ve tried some of the activities in it.  I got it because I want to add more art to my life and I always feel like I’m not offering the souricettes enough of it.  I’ve got ideas fusing in my head now and am thinking of ways to switch the playroom up a bit to make art more accessible.  (Oh, so that’s where my brain went…)  At the same time, the book has made me feel like I’m actually including way more artfulness in my girls’ lives than I thought I was.

The book is very process rather than product oriented which is a healthy switch up for us.  Souricette 1 is all about making something, the result.  A little like me, I guess.  I’ve been wanting her to let go of the result and just try materials/techniques/ideas even if it means throwing it out afterwards.  There are some activities in there I want us to try together to see where it might take us.

And I’ve been wanting to teach her to look.  You know, really look.  Look at the grass and see how the shades of green are varied and the texture isn’t even.  Find shapes in the clouds and shadows.  See the veins in leaves…  Sometimes, I get lost just looking at something and she’ll ask me what I’m doing.  When I tell her, she gets sort of confused.  I need to show her that I’m noticing details.  It’s hard.  When I ask her questions, she tries to get the right answer.  So If I ask her what she sees, rather than look, she’ll try to find what I want her to answer.  And since I’m not looking for a specific answer, she gets lost.  So I always have to tell her what I see first.  Know what? I may just take some time to do that with her this weekend…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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