Goodbye Balloons

Notice anything? I’ve decided to switch up how the blog looks.  Ideally, I would splurge on the custom design upgrade and hire someone to design everything but I don’t feel ready for that.  So I’m figuring it out myself.  I’ve always felt the balloons template was cute and whimsical.  I like that.  And I liked the grey tones.  But the fonts weren’t right.  I could live with the title font but the main post font?  Ick.  I’ve always hated it but I can’t change it without the upgrade.  I tried some minor customization with the background.  Made it my own but eh.  I don’t know. The thing is, the balloons are very cute but they hinder reading, don’t you think?  And they’re not me.  I tried to combine them with my mice but nope.


See? Cute, but not right.  After hours, serisously, HOURS, perusing the templates, I’ve chosen one.  In terms of look, it isn’t perfect but I think I can work that out with the custom background I’m planning.  It has the functionality I want.  The body font is good.  The title isn’t perfect but I’d rather that than that icky balloons body font.  I just need to get to work drawing my background.  I know what I’m making.  I just have to take the time to do it.  That’ll be a few more hours.  Draw, scanning, editing, testing…  In the meantime, the colors I picked will have to do.

Otherwise, I’ve just about finished everything for my swap partner.  Still a teeny bit to do on the top secret project, a little something to bake, and notes/card to write.  I was approaching burn out.  I’ve been focusing solely on this package for so long that I’ve been lacking balance.  Wednesday, when I finished the last module for the project, I still wanted to sew a little bag.  Just a plain drawstring bag to hold little items I’m sending.  And I couldn’t muster the energy to do it.  Just could not.  So I searched the house for a container.  Any container that might do.  I ended up in the basement where we keep our metal tins.  And yay! I found two that worked.  One for the baked goods I’ll be making Sunday and one for the little items.  And the colors are perfect for my partner.  So now, I can get back to what I really want to be doing:  a good background for this blog…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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  1. […] haven’t forgotten that I said I would change the background on my blog.  And I did work on it.  I drew what I wanted with graphitint pencils.  Swirls with mice hidden […]


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