Tooth Mouse Fairy

Or is that tooth fairy mouse?  In any case, that’s who is going to be taking souricette 1’s tooth when it comes out.  No, nothing is really wobbling yet but her dentist said one tooth was starting to get loose and it should get serious in a couple months.  It’s been a couple months now…

Why a mouse?  Because my mom is french, that’s why.  What, you don’t get it?  Okay, then.  In France and some other countries, there is no tooth fairy.  A mouse comes instead.  And I found a book about it that I just had to buy.  It’s very cute.

I had a mouse come get my teeth and leave me a dollar.  It’s a tiny piece of my heritage, which makes it a tiny piece of the souricettes’ heritage.  So a mouse will be coming for their teeth.  But souricette 1 wants to be like her friends and have a fairy come.  I don’t want to have world war 3 on my hands because of a mouse/fairy argument but I’m not about to let her drop her heritage without a fight.  If you think about it though, a mouse that collects teeth and gives you a gift has to be at least a little bit magical, right?  So you could say she’s a fairy in mouse form, right?  And that’s how the tooth mouse fairy was born…

I wanted to make souricette 1 a little cushion with a pocket for her tooth.  And since her tooth will be collected by a mouse, it just had to be a mouse.  You might recall that I’ve made a mouse before. Ha! I just reread the post and saw I’ve explained about the tooth mouse before.  And about wanting to make a smaller one.  Oh well.  At least I’m consistent!  This little mouse isn’t knit at all.  I haven’t had the time to dust off my knitting machine and I needed to be quick.  So she’s sewn.  Souricette 1 picked the main fabric and I picked a coordinating one.

Here she is!

See her teeny tiny paws?  Just like my Lili.  I’ve left the edges raw on the paws but I used fusible interfacing on them to give them more structure and keep them from fraying.  If I were to do it again, I would do the same thing with the ears.  I like the vintage effect.  Hmmm, maybe give the pocket the same treatment?  Next time, I’ll also make the main body in two pieces so that I can insert the ears by machine rather than hand stitch them in place.  It’ll be quicker and it’ll look better.  Think I could sell these guys?

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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