Photo Monday – Close Up

I really wanted to get a huge close up of the souicettes’ eyes.  Just one of each.  Or even just one.  But I can’t fill the frame with one eye.  At least not with the lens I was using.  Maybe the telephoto zoom would have worked?  It’s counter intuitive because I have to back up to use it but maybe it would have worked.  I’ll try.  Here are the close ups I did get, including a finally captured souricette 2 frowning face!

The three outside shots of souricette 2 were all done in aperture priority mode.  It’s my favorite because it’s easy for me to manage.  I get to choose my depth of field and ISO and the camera chooses the speed.  However, I don’t think it’s the best for always moving children.  So I’ve been trying to use the speed priority mode (I just know there’s a more technical term for that!).  The shot of souricette 1 laughing got seriously lightened in post processing.  I had set the camera to a speed of 1/250 and ISO100 because I was in full light.  But that shot was taken in the shade so it ended up too dark.  I didn’t think to check my settings…  And then the shot of the bun and the one of souricette 2 lying down were taken inside.  I was back in aperture priority mode and I had to bump my ISO up to 800 to speed things up.  Even then, you can see some slight movement in the bun.  But that just captures what I see when I look at souricette 1’s hair better.  It’s so shimmery and alive, like molten gold…

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