Photo Monday – Dance Recital

It was souricette 1’s dance recital yesterday.  They did “Scenes from Cinderella”.  Souricette 1 was a little hardworking Cinderella.  I was desperate to get good pictures but we weren’t allowed to move from our seats in the auditorium.  So no tripod.  No flash.  I have absolutely no experience with this kind of shooting.  All I knew was I needed fast shutter speeds.  I grabbed the telephoto zoom and I set my ISO as high as it can go (6400).  I put the camera in shutter speed mode, set at 1/100 of a second.  Maybe I could have gone slower.  The thing is, I was only getting one chance.  I’ve been able to lighten too dark photos in post processing.  So I went with the fast shutter speed and high ISO.  There’s this one picture that was taken in the dark that ended up very grainy.  I guess that’s the risk you run with a high ISO.  But the stage ones?  They turned out great!  The background turned black in the photos.  Eh, it was just curtains so the black is actually welcome.  It allowed me to easily erase bits of another dancer in two of the images.  So here is my little star!

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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3 comments on “Photo Monday – Dance Recital
  1. owldaughterAMH says:

    They look like Vermeer paintings!


  2. […] without stage makeup, the faces are a little lost but the kids still look like kids you know? Last year, they did scenes from Cinderella.  This year, they did scenes from The Snow Queen.  Souricette 1′s group were magical […]


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