Photo Monday – Strawberries and Corn

Mr. Mouse really wanted to build a garden this weekend.  Yes, we’re on the late side for planting.  Okay, the very late side.  The result, apart from a new garden complete with rabbit and bird protection, is that I didn’t get to plan much of a photo shoot.  I had to get whatever shots I could.  So we have souricette 2 gorging herself on strawberries while souricette 1 had gone off to the beach with a friend.

Mmmm, strawberries...

Mmmm, strawberries…

And then, because he did such a good job with the garden, here’s one that Mr. Mouse took.  He used one of the completely automatic modes.  Portrait if I recall correctly.  The flash fired but he still got a pretty good result!

Mmmmm, corn...

Mmmmm, corn…

PS: Souricette 1 likes to eat.


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One comment on “Photo Monday – Strawberries and Corn
  1. Anonymous says:

    soooo cute!


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