Lobster Skirt!

I think I said I made myself two things right?  And I’ve yet to show them off, right?  The first one is a blouse that I made from one of the patterns I was debating about.  And the reason I haven’t shared it is that I don’t have a good picture yet.  I tried to take some on my own and I hated all of them.  All.  Of.  Them.  Pictures of me just remind me that I don’t look like I think I look.  That or I just haven’t figured out how to style myself and pose well yet.

Anyway, on that same day, I found those great embroidered seersuckers on fabric.com.  And I tried very hard not to buy any.  Very very hard.  But then, there was the Meringue Skirt from the Colette book.  The one in the book is made in a striped fabric.  And seersucker is striped.  And this one had lobsters.  I told a couple friends about it and one in particular said I had to make it in time for the trip to Cape Cod.  And get a picture in a really nautical setting.  So this one’s for you Trish!

Some details because I’m so very very proud of this skirt.

  • I actually made a muslin to be sure it fit right and got lucky.  The muslin fit just fine.
  • The seersucker was a lightweight fabric but the pattern suggested a mediumweight fabric.  So I underlined the whole thing with white cotton lawn.  It makes the whole skirt feel more substantial and it takes care of any opacity issues.  I even went out and got myself some silk thread to baste my layers together.
  • I was extremely careful with my fabric layout.  There’s the vertical striping but that isn’t that much of a problem.  It’s the lobsters.  They create horizontal lines across the skirt.  Not obvious lines but I didn’t want to have the lobsters offset at the seams, you know?  It took me ages but I got all my pattern pieces lined up so that the lobsters would continue in a line all around the skirt.  Even on the facings because that’s the kind of neurotic freak I am.  And I made sure to line the center front and center back of the skirt on a column of lobsters.  And here’s a side seam because I’m that proud.


Look at that seam!  It’s almost perfectly matched!  I’m calling it pretty good for a first timer.  And I have two more yards of this lobster seersucker.  I bought more than the pattern called for and needed less.  I’m thinking it would make a very cute romper for souricette 2…

One more parting look before I get back to my time consuming project of the day…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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One comment on “Lobster Skirt!
  1. […] had to make a dress.  And I had this leftover seersucker with  embroidered lobsters that I used for me and souricette 2.  Come on!  Could anything be more Cape Cod-ish than lobster […]


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