Tinny Jacket

So.  Before we left last Friday, I cut out a third Tinny flip.  Just the pattern.  I figured I’d make it but that it wouldn’t be finished in time to share in the link party.  And Monday, I realized I really really really wanted to share it.  And I thought I just might be able to make it.  I cut out the material on Monday and went to bed much too late three nights in a row just to make it.  I’m going to suffer for this.  But look.

Isn’t it worth suffering for?

Never mind that souricette 2 is more interested in the lining than the jacket itself…

… and prefers snuggling it than actually wearing it…

In fact, I had to bribe her with chocolate to get the shots of her wearing the jacket.  At least I know it’s comfortable enough to throw a tantrum in!

So what did I do?  I really wanted to use my favorite option from the pattern, the asymmetrical collar.  That meant I had to modify the front pattern piece.  I measured where the two collar pieces would meet in front and drew a vertical line right there.  I made a cut there and added width for the buttons bands.  The peplum is just the gathered skirt shortened to 4″.  I went all mathematician and made sure the two front pieces were proportional.  Let me explain.  That line I drew on the pattern?  I measured where it fell and how wide the pieces were compared to the full front.  Turns out the larger one was 60% of the width and the smaller piece was 40% of the width.  So I cut the peplum piece into two with one being 60% of the original length and the other one 40%.  Make sense?  Finally, I lengthened the sleeves.  Just straight down.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures.  I ran out of time to turn this into a tutorial…

I chose some medium weight fabric for the outside.  The pink with flowers is a home dec fabric I originally bought for the playroom.  The turquoise is some leftover stretch twill that I’d gotten for myself but that ended up turned into a really cute dress for souricette 1.  I lined the inside with flannel.  I was going to use plain old cream flannel that I’ve had on hand exactly for this kind of thing but then, I saw the kitty flannel in my stash.  Souricette 2 loves cats.  And the colors sort of went with the outside fabrics.  And it’s for a child.  Who loves cats.  Did I say she loves cats?

Let’s see.  Construction.  There were some tricky bits.  I assembled the exterior and lining bodices and basted the collar to the exterior.  I joined the lining and the exterior only at the neck.  See?  I learned my lesson!  I was careful to stop joining at the button band level.  I snipped the lining fabric to the stitching at that point.  I really wish I had a picture here…  I used the same technique for the button band as I did with the lobster romper but this time, the buttons band was just made from fabric that extended directly from the bodice.

The exterior and lining peplums were constructed and then sewn together at sides and bottom.  I then gathered them and sewed them only to the exterior of the bodice.  This time, I had to snip the exterior fabric of the bodice to the stitching.  Then I folded the bodice lining’s seam allowance and stitched in the ditch to secure it.

The exterior and lining sleeves’ seam allowance was turned inside and I topstitched the exterior and lining together.  Actually, I added quite a bit of topstitching to this jacket.  The collar has a line of topstitching, as well as the bottom of the bodice, the button bands and the peplum.  I used handsewn snaps.  I got these pretty brown buttons to sew down the front buttons band but Mr. Mouse thinks the jacket looks better without them.  I’m not sure I agree…

And that’s three flips!  I need a rest… Yes, sweetheart, you may take the jacket off now.

Flip This Pattern

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5 comments on “Tinny Jacket
  1. Ine says:

    Thats soo cute!!!


  2. Oh my!! That’s cute….and if it doesn’t get much wear as an article of clothing, at least souricette 2 will have a new blanket :)!!


  3. Ajaire says:

    I think this shape is adorable! And that kitty lining would have my girl doing flips for sure 🙂 Great job!


  4. Olga Becker says:

    What an adorable jacket. Love the kitties. 🙂


  5. […] in the middle of our vacation or during the time I was frantically racing to get my Tinny flips done…  When I heard about the Fall edition, I had to take part.  So I hurried up and completed […]


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