Flippity Flip!

I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else would say anything on their own blogs but apparently not.  Well, I’m just not one of the cool kids.  I’ve been happy and bouncy and I’m not going to pretend to be all “yeah, whatever” about it.  My Tinny to Alice dress made Father’s Fantastic Five!  It isn’t my first time participating in a sew along but it was my first time being featured and it makes me all kinds of excited.  Seriously.  Yay!

Flip This Pattern Father's Fantastic Five

bounce bounce bounce  Yay!

I loved the experience of flipping a pattern.  It really stimulated my creativity.  Some people love to create when they can do absolutely anything they want.  I thrive when there are constraints.  I’m definitely doing it again.  But not September.  I was frantically sewing for weeks to complete my flips and I need a break.  Okay, so I could do just the one flip but I hate limiting myself to only one of my ideas.  And, well, I need some time for the other projects I have in mind.

The brave tapestry is coming along slowly and steadily.  Very slowly.  Souricette 1 has a hard time getting her other tasks completed so we can work on the tapestry.  By the time she’s done, it’s time for lunch… So we’re just now entering the phase where souricette 1 can be more involved than just picking out fabrics.  I really want to finish this project before she starts school. After that, who knows when we’ll have the time?  And I want to create a dress for souricette 2.  She loves dressing herself and I have an idea to make it easier for her.  I just need to get to it.  And possibly order fabric (yay again! an excuse to order fabric!)

I still want to participate in more flips so I ordered October’s pattern.  Look.

It’s so original!  I love the curved lines and the details.  I need to take a closer look at it to see what kind of flip I could do.  I prefer flips that keep the essence of a pattern.  Or at least my favorite parts of it.  Tinny was a difficult flip because there were so many options already.  But it’s a classic pattern which makes it easy to modify once you’ve come up with something.  This one.  It’s really different.  Much harder to see right off the bat what the pattern pieces are and how they can be modified.  I’m really looking forward to this challenge!

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