After finishing up the tapestry, I was spent. There were so many wonderful projects waiting for me. I know just what to do with my first flip for October and I want to make matching library dresses for my girls. And I have an idea for a toddler dress I want to make. But I just couldn’t get to work. The tapestry even took up my knitting time and I couldn’t get back to that either.

Enter a new project. A little something for me to get my mind off making things for other people. A quick little something. A corduroy skirt I’ve been meaning to make from Sewing in a Straight Line. So I got to work on the Sewing School Skirt. It’s the one on the cover. So I got started. And it’s been a week and I’m not done! I seem to encounter one problem after the next. I followed the pattern instructions for sizing and ended up with a two wide waist. Maybe I measured wrong. Or maybe I just don’t like the amount of ease the pattern suggests. Whatever it is, I had to take in the side seams a little. That’s not hard to do but it takes time. I bought buttons but I don’t like them so I need to go buy more. There’s more time lost. And some modifications I had to make to make it more flattering. More on that when I finally finish it to post pictures.

So no skirt yet.  And I had this whole list of things I would do this week after I’d finished the skirt.  I was going to clean my knitting machine and start using it again. I was going to work on preparing the pattern for the flip. But nothing is done.

And I’m getting antsy! All of a sudden, I just want to get started on this flip!   I guess that’s a good thing. But then, when I get antsy, I tend to shop and it just happened to be that I needed some fabric for the flip.  I’ve heard so much about Girl Charlee that I gave them a try. And here’s the result…

Only one of them is for the flip and I’m not saying which one!  I decided to try different blends.  The magenta is cotton spandex, the navy blue is rayon spandex, and the grey argyle and pink damask are plain old cotton jersey.  Surprise, surprise, souricette 1 loves the pink damask. I may have to find something to make her with it sooner rather than later…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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