Accidental 9-in-1

My first Sunki flip!

So why 9-in-1, you ask?  And why accidental?  I guess I just have to start from the beginning then…

Sunki is a great pattern with some lovely details : the lapped shoulder, front cut outs, and pleated sleeves really called to me.  To me, they’re the essence of the pattern and I wanted to keep them.  That made flipping so much harder from a creative standpoint.  In the end, I realized I had to let one of those features go in my flip.  I let go of the sleeves and made a reversible sleeveless dress.  But then, I realized that if I made a T-shirt to wear under the dress, I would get to use those pleated sleeves.  So I made a T-shirt.  I figured I might as well make the leggings too while I was at it…  So 11 possible outfits with those three pieces :

  1. Dress alone on blue side
  2. Dress alone on white side
  3. Dress on blue side + T-shirt
  4. Dress on white side + T-shirt
  5. Dress on blue side + leggings
  6. Dress on white side + leggings
  7. Dress on blue side + T-shirt + leggings
  8. Dress on white side + T-shirt + leggings
  9. T-shirt + leggings

9 in 1!  Or maybe that should be 9 in 3…

And accidental because I wasn’t actually planning on a reversible dress.  It just sort of happened…

So what did I do for each piece?

Dress first, in quilting cotton.  I’m just going to call the white side of the dress the lining here because well, that’s what it was to me at first… Obviously, I skipped the sleeves.  Because I was lining the whole dress, I skipped the facings too.  I made the front pretty much as instructed but with added piping to highlight the cut outs.  For the front lining, I removed the cutouts. For the back, I removed the seam allowance at the center back and cut on the fold.  I added cutouts mirroring the front (but not on the lining).  Again, piping was added.  I sewed the front with its lining and the back with its lining all around the top.  Then I sewed the side seams.  I turned the bottom hems up and topstitched around the bottom.  No access to the inside anymore!  Then, I added big sew-on snaps to the shoulders.  I think that’s when I noticed the I’d made my lining in a way that actually made the dress reversible.  Score!

Then the T-shirt, in a cotton/lycra blend.  I used a pattern I’ve had for a while : Jalie 2805.  I used crew neck front, back, and neckline binding.  Then, I added the Sunki sleeve.  I had to modify the sleeve a little to fit into the armscye.  What I did was that I lined up my Sunki sleeve (pleats folded) with the Jalie sleeve pattern.  Then I modified the lower part of the Sunki sleeve cap to follow the Jalie sleeve cap.  I ended up making the sleeve much narrower at the same time.  I followed Jalie’s instruction for assembling the T-shirt.  I embellished the T-shirt with a flower motif from the blue material.

Finally, the leggings, in a 100% cotton interlock.  I made those according to the pattern.  I didn’t ruche the sides because I wanted to keep the full length since we’re heading into the cold.  I just added a little knot on the sides for embellishment.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, some ideas came to me when I was working on this flip and I have something in mind for souricette 1…

Flip This Pattern

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12 comments on “Accidental 9-in-1
  1. I’d say you definitely are going to get your money’s worth from this outfit….and pattern, for that matter! I’m always a fan of the reversible outfit, and that cute little flower motif on the shirt really ties it into the rest of the garments!!


  2. What a fun flip. And what a great way to expand her wardrobe.
    With Love,


  3. Meghan says:

    Very cute!! What a great flip! I agree with Frances Suzanne, great way to get your money’s worth!


  4. Kerry says:

    Loving the reversibility! Perfect for active little ladies 🙂


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